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Used pigini accordion for sale

We always have a huge range of accordions and related instruments in stock to suit all players and musical styles with sizes ranging from 8 to 120 bass and in the Accordion sales, purchase, repair and tuition. Guarantee: On our own Titano, Pancordion and Pigini accordions, each refurbished instrument is sold with a new accordion guarantee (five years) against any fundmental defect in workmanship or materials. forsale HOHNER Model Br48blk Bravo II 48 Accordion All Black With Bag and Straps. Apr 12, 2017 · Accordion Prices. -120 bases - excellent condition hardly used - located Blacktown - made in Italy Contact Tony. Pigini, Scandalli, Guerinni, Paolo Soprani, Settimio Soprani, Hohner, Weltmeister and many . Show More. Key of B/C, circa 1950's. 95. Black tape, white bellows paper. 00 $2,185. Pigini established a factory in Castelfidardo, Italy (the company was registered in Ancona by Filippo Pigini on June 6th). MARRAZZA ACCORDION 120-BASS 41-KEY 5-TREBLE SWITCH BLACK W/CASE. Speed up your Search . A Pigini P36-3 deluxe, 3 voice, a mano reeds, dry tuning, c 2years old- £2280. 00; Sale! Music Stands $ 35. 00 The Pigini Mythos – $ 40,000. Compact and powerful it is an ideal convertor for both students and accomplished performers. $1,400Negotiable. Pigini Massimo III 96-Bass 77-Treble Button System "C" Black Button Accordion Royal Standard 96 Bass 15 Registers Germany Piano Accordion 706 Keyboard ( Used) ILS 9867 W Bell Rd. If you have a particular make,model,size of accordion you are looking for that is not shown here please get in touch and we will endeavor to locate it for you Expand submenu Accordions Collapse submenu Accordions. Speed up your Search . Meet Up & Appraisal. Accordions come in a variety of sizes, from 10 treble keys, to 34 button accordions; we have what you are looking for. A great little box for sessions, or to experiment with different bass/chord options. Since 1922, petosa has been dedicated to making the finest accordions in the world. Sep 12, 2021 · Hohner Double Ray 12-bass. Accordion-O-Rama(AOR) is the place for all accordions, bandoneons, concertinas, amplifiers, mics, and accordion accessories. Comes in original hard leather case. Bellinger's Button Boxes services include commissioned restoration and custom tuning for customer instruments. 15 registers right , 7 registers left. The cost of an accordion depends on the exact type and quality of accordion and its condition. Tel: 337-457-9563. BASS: 160 COUPLERS: 11 REED SETS: 5/5 REEDS: LMMMH COLOUR: Black NOTES: As new The Description: Bandoneon - FOR SALE: Pigini Unisonoric Chromatic Bandoneon, Peguri Layout, MINT CONDITION There are no pictures available for this bandoneon This bandoneon was built and tuned by luthiers at the Pigini accordion factory in 2005, and was hand selected by bandoneon virtuoso Peter Soave, who I had the good fortune to meet several Sale price $2,200. Browse our range of accordions, melodeons, concertinas and accordion accessories. Pre-Owned. Vintage instrument, probably from 1950s. HOW TO MAKE A TEST BELLOWS You can make a simple test bellows from an old accordion bellows and two pieces of plank or plywood. Garmoshka Russian Button Accordion. It is the preferred instrument at many university/conservatory in the world. Concertina - the sound of the sailor songs. The artisan style of Serenellini’s accordion perfectly suits to the quality of the product; using only the best Italian raw materials, employing highly experienced craftsmen and adhering to a severe policy of accurate on-line testing up to the final product give rise to the top reliability guarantee of the instrument. Price: $29. Read More. Chromatic C system, tuned for Musette, French and less vibrato plus dry. But in the collecting of the many pictures When it comes to buying a pre-owned Mazda or a used vehicle from other brands, Island Owl Mazda takes the process very seriously. We are experts on all major brands such as Pigini, Dallape, Paulo Soprani, Excelsior, Pancordion, Titano, Scandelli, Sonola, Giuletti, Santini, and many others. £4,999. 300 x 190mm. 69 postage. 00. smith@ukaccordions. 21 treble buttons, 2-voice with wet tuning. 99 Ex Tax: £79. £4,700. 00 $985. Sep 12, 2021 · The accordion has all of the straps: bass strap, upper and lower bellows straps, right and left shoulder straps. HOHNER BR72R-N Bravo III 72 Accordion Piano - Red. Deluxe 34 key 72 bass Piano Accordion Rucksack Style Gig Bag dark blue. It is also wireless or can be used with a MIDI cord. The reed configuration is LMMH, 4 sets of reeds on the right 120 Bass Pigini Piano Accordion, Used Accordions For Sale in Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland for 1250. Bellows are perfect. Hand made reeds. Red Tag Sale New Arrival Best Anacleto Accordions |. 9867 W Bell Rd. 12 piano-accordion-style bass buttons ( see note layout ). Pancordion manufacturers high quality accordions of all types in Italy and have many excellent performers who play Pancordion. 120 bass. 4096 - Black Bell Symphony Piano Accordion LMMH 41 120. Pigini 55/B Deluxe Free Bass Converter Chromatic Button for sale at The Accordion Lounge (UK). Accordion House, largest Australian accordion and New Zealand accordion supplier, importer Titano, Pigini, hundreds of used accordions, manager Maurice Jones is an accordion teacher, concert artist and Italian trained and qualified accordion repairer Oct 27, 2015 - Explore JERRY MARTINEZ's board "VINTAGE ITALIAN ACCORDIONS" on Pinterest. New range of Salterelle and Castagnari and Paolo Soprani, Pigini accordions. Kellyville Ridge, NSW. Buy or Sell Second hand Accordions at musicalchairs - the world's leading online resource for classical music professionals. Upon meeting with you, we pay cash or your preferred method of payment. While China has long since passed Italy as the largest producer of accordions, the folks in Castelfidardo are confident that the best players will eventually find their way to Castelfidardo’s exceptional Description: Accordion - Pigini Super King. Hohner Diatonic Button box. In order to meet the functional demands of different music styles, the Anacleto collection offers 3, 5, and 9 registers for different tonalities. Expand submenu Accordions Collapse submenu Accordions. It has been stored in a closet for many years. Contact vendor directly: r. PRODUCT. Made in Italy Accordion is fully intact and comes with the original case. $500. Unit price Pigini Piano Accordion LMMH 41 Keys 120 Bass - Black. 2 sets in Cassotto. Italian 120 bass LMM . Fully serviced & warrantied used accordions. We are lead UK agents for top Italian accordion manufacturers including world renowned brand Scandalli (we are the exclusive distributor for Scandalli for the UK) and have a large number of The New England Accordion Connection & Museum Co. 4) AN There are 87 right hand buttons giving a range of 52 notes (C#-E) and 3 voices (16’+8’+4’) dry tuned (442Hz). with more than three generations of experience coming from Italy. 3/5 top quality reeds. We also look at the features a particular accordion has. White keys, fast Action keys, Pearl white bass buttons. With single strap and hard case. Choose from three accordion types There are three main considerations used to describe this musical instrument. The intention in creating this book was to make it a pleasurable, as well as an educational, viewing experience. “Accordion Apocalypse” sells a simple used student model with 25 keys and 12 bass buttons for $329. This has a new set of Batteries and it is working. Accordion details: The sensitive touch and unprecedented chromatic scale are just two of the features that sets this beautiful instrument apart. £799. Find great deals and sell your items for free. Sell your accordion in three easy steps. MARRAZZA ACCORDION 120-BASS 41-KEY 5-TREBLE SWITCH BLACK W/CASE is in the cart. Find used Pigini Accordion for sale on Craigslist, Letgo, eBay, OfferUp, Amazon and others. : 1. 00 New. Our new instruments are from Castelfidardo's finest manufactures that uphold the highest standards in design, innovation & construction, using only the finest Italian components & labour. Used Piano Accordions. Based on the Aether 3 model made on Sharon Shannon's request. Used. Francini MM 48 bass. With products from the top brands, includ. Accordions at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warranty Served with love! Even if chocolate chip is on your mind, our cookies make an important contribution to a great shopping experience. You can reach us by email at squeeze [at]buttonbox [dot]com or call us at (413) 665-7793. EMAIL US. Step 1. 34 keys and in excellent condition. At Highland Accordions we pride ourselves in the quality of instruments we stock & the repair, service & advice we offer. Regular price. New Inventory Certified Pre-owned Rentals Pigini Arabesque C System (49/96) Regular price $0. Now providing service and accessory sales only. Price is firm, but I may tolerate some negotiation. Michael J. Description. Adding to Cart Excalibur 96 Bass Chromatic Button Accordion Akordeon Werks (AW) Blue Polish C System. Bandonion variety You can choose your Monarch Accordions is a family owned and operated business that has thrived by selling only the finest accordions, providing the best warranty service in the industry, with prices well below the competition. Find used Bugari Accordion for sale on Craigslist, Letgo, eBay, OfferUp, Amazon and others. Hello and welcome to the Monday, March 15th Spring Into 750+ Online Only Auction! Bidding Begins Closing: Monday, March 15th - - 7:00PM Spring Into 750+ Lot Online Only Auction Furniture - - Jewelry - - Watches - - Primitives - - Star Wars Display Cabinet; Elgin Watches; 14k Diamond Ring; Antique Pump Organ; Mandolin; Milk Glass Hen on Nest; Curio Most of the used accordions that we sell have had some type of repairs done before they go up for sale. eur 40. Nice looking Italian made accordion in excellent working condition. Cavagnolo MIDI Digital Accordion Odyssee Very Nice - $825 (Alexandria MN) Cavagnolo Digital accordion this is a MIDI accordion it is reedless and weighs only 14 lbs. The Accordion Shop is a fifth generation family business that has been selling and repairing accordions for the best part of a century. The Aether 2 is the latest diatonic accordion designed by Saltarelle for Irish music. Reeds may go out of tune, keys can start to stick or the bellows could develop a crack. 24204 - 132nd Avenue SE Kent, WA 98042 USA Tel/Fax 253-639-7000 is the reason for the special sound and feel of an Acadian accordion. We look forward to returning to full capability back in Sunderland at some future date. Not exposed to the elements. BASS: 120 COUPLERS: 5 REED SETS: 3/5 REEDS: LMM COLOUR: Red NOTES: — The above accordions have been checked in our workshop and their condition is as stated alongside each item. 07770 901190. Our dedicated accordion repair and tuning workshop can help you restore an old accordion or make your current accordion, melodeon or concertina sound as good as new! Mar 15, 2021 · Pigini Accordion With Case for auction. You will be greeted as a fellow accordionist and will be our guest. Special Order. Classic Pigini accordion with superb Musette tone. 5miles See price. $1,299. £4,399. As new. We make sure to only offer vehicles of the highest quality in our inventory and we inspect every vehicle that we are about to put on sale. Step 3. Jul 07, 2021 · 2016 Pigini Super Bayan Sirius The Pigini Super Bayan Sirius is arguably the most popular concert accordion in the world. The doors are for interior use only. 2) FLAT FEE SHIPPING RATES ARE CALCULATED BY TIME ZONE & INCLUDE: TRANSPORT, FULL INSURANCE, & PACKING MATERIAL COSTS. Repair, restoration, tuning. DynaBrass - 20/20 Polkas. Large bellows. Free shipping. PIANO ACCORDION – USED. The straps are all old, unless otherwise noted, but all are functional. Grateful for any thoughts on these- I know its down to personal Accordions specialist based in Birmingham, UK. Amazon. Music Junction are the largest stockist of Accordions in Australia. The Genuine Styrian Button Box! More than just an instrument, our diatonic button accordions are a piece of music magic that brings tradition up to date and enthralls musicians and audiences alike with its brilliant sound. $3,999. $2,780. 19" keyboard. $1,999. 00 Ex Tax: £799. $950. Fitting service - £60. After many years of creating what can only be described as works of art for various local companies, two talented craftsmen from Castelfidardo in the province of Ancona in the Marche region of Italy decided to embark on an adventure that would allow them to cultivate their passion for excellence without EXCALIBUR WELTBESTIN 96 BASS PIANO ACCORDION. Treble keys - 41 Bass buttons - 120 Tones Switches - 11 on treble and 5 on bass Reeds blocks -4 Weights with There are 87 right hand buttons giving a range of 52 notes (C#-E) and 3 voices (16’+8’+4’) dry tuned (442Hz). AOR sells,repairs, modifies, rents, tunes, and can customize any accordion. Pigini Cherrywood P36-3 72 Bass Piano Accordion —. 16. Save this search. Fill Out the Form Below. To fit standard Cajun accordion and many other makes and models. 04/04/2021. Made in Italy. 3) BUYER PAYS ALL SHIPPING/INSURANCE COSTS. 99. 00 View Details. We are in the Canaan Railroad Station in the center of town, 75 Main Street. Gaudini 41 Piano Keys 120 Bass 4 Voice Piano Accordion. Piano Accordion Hohner Bravo III 96 bass 37 keys RED new Silent Key model . The shop also has used restored/tuned button accordions for sale. View Inventory. When it comes to used accordions and new accordions for sale, Emilio Accordions provides a wide variety of brands including: Bugari, Dino Baffetti, Guilietti, Petosa, and more! Our used accordions for sale are ready for delivery and are marked with special pricing so that our clients receive the accordion of their Speed up your Search . ADD TO CART CHECKOUT NOW. Used (normal wear), Beautiful Castelfidaro Augusta accordion by Marino Pigini. $1,519. Contact Us. Accordionist Pablo De Vincenzo, 34 years of experience in Family and Corporate events. eur 401. 9/2 shifts with switchable Vibrato plate& bass tone chamber. Now serving customers from our South Florida location. Patience and careful shopping on the used market—EBay, Craigslist, etc. Condition is "Very good" Beautiful Accordion. Pancordion is the most popular quality brand accordion in the North America and Australasia, played by more Champions than any other make. Interested in Selling. VINTAGE HOHNER C/C# BLACK 21 BUTTON ACCORDION USED. Comes with original case with crushed velvet interior. Retail price $1,599. $1,599. We plan your event for all types of celebrations. ADD TO CART. As a manufacturer, the accordions we make and the products that we offer will always have one thing in common; an uncompromising standard of quality & unparalleled, personalized customer service. Offered at 3500. Compare 30 million ads · Find Bugari Accordion faster ! Cavagnolo MIDI Digital Accordion Odyssee Very Nice - $825 (Alexandria MN) Cavagnolo Digital accordion this is a MIDI accordion it is reedless and weighs only 14 lbs. Buy, sell and trade used guitars, amps, keyboards, banjos, mandolins, accordions, drums, pro sound, dj, lighting, trumpets, trombones, saxophones and more at Bill's Music Rare Accordion for Sale: Browse TODAY's SELECTED Rare Accordion for SALE, BEST OFFER and Auction. $569. A premium, high-end small box with a comfortable and quick keyboard. 00 Sale price New and used Accordions for sale in Sayreville, New Jersey on Facebook Marketplace. STATES. Sennheiser mic pickup. £1,950. The story of Beltuna began in 1982. £94. Other brands of refurbished accordions are sold with a one-year guarantee. Norteño, Conjunto, Tex-Mex, and Zydeco Spectrum Elite 36-in x 80-in Satin Silver PVC Accordion Door (Hardware Included) The Elite accordion door can be used in a bathroom, bedroom, closet, hallway or basement. 46 notes /87 buttons right. Still operates well and sounds beautiful. Since 1982 we produce high quality handmade accordions. Two doors can be installed as a double door application, doors sold separately. Description: Bandoneon - FOR SALE: Pigini Unisonoric Chromatic Bandoneon, Peguri Layout, MINT CONDITION There are no pictures available for this bandoneon This bandoneon was built and tuned by luthiers at the Pigini accordion factory in 2005, and was hand selected by bandoneon virtuoso Peter Soave, who I had the good fortune to meet several Sale price $2,200. This was the last instrument owned by Willard Palmer, and made especially to his specifications. com. Francini 4/5 reed. There are numbers of bass buttons: 120 is the most common and considered "full size," although there are different sizes within this designation. Russia Button Accordion. . A musician for 45 years, Scott has a passion for bringing old button accordions "back to life" and newer instruments into prime playing condition. Address. 07592337754 Good range of melodeons and accordions from beginner to professional, All sizes available. Designed with beginner and intermediate players in mind. PIGINI Black accordion. Including Scandalli, Pigini ,Paolo Soprani, E Soprani, Dino Baffetti, Excelsior, Hohner ,Paloma, Piermaria, Roland, Serenellini, Buy from the accordion experts in-store or online We sell our world-class Titano, Pigini, and PANcordion accordions to customers throughout the United States, Canada, and across the globe. EASTERN - $80, CENTRAL - $100, MOUNTAIN - $120, PACIFIC - $140. One careful owner from new, well-loved, cared for and looked after. Produced under the brand name Palmer espoused, the unique accordion was manufactured by the Pigini company and refined in Titano’s New York workshops. Accordion prices are all over the map. We have a huge selection of new and rebuilt accordions and concertinas. Button Accordion Sale : Save up to 16%. The Pigini Mythos accordion is the most expensive of any accordions, and is worth a cool $40,000. Bellows for Castagnari Lilly. SEE DETAILS. Piano or button: Piano accordions have between 25 to 54 keys that are arranged in a white and black pattern similar to a piano keyboard while the other option has from one to five rows of buttons used to produce different melody notes. Aug 11, 2017 · Concert Accordion (both hands) - a wonderful Pigini concert accordion with 15 registers including left hand basses. galotta caprice 26 key 48 bass compact accordion used. But even the finest accordion will begin to show signs of wear and tear after years of use. Will ship internationally. with 5 Treble Couplers and a master bass coupler USED This is a Gaudini 41 Piano Keys 120 Bass 4 . The largest accordion internet site in the world, Weekly News in 7 languages: English, German French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese, general information on the accordion and bellows related instruments, list of all accordion producers, Accordion Yellow Pages events calendar with direct adding of concerts, masterclasses, seminars, concerts, festivals, accordion history, CD Reviews PIANO ACCORDION – USED. We sell our world-class Titano, Pigini, and PANcordion accordions to customers throughout the United States, Canada, and across the globe. Regular price $2,200. A Fantini SP/1 72 Bass, 3 voice, a mano reeds, mild swing (5 cents)- £1575. Still works perfectly fine. Make an offer!; Gaudini 41 Piano Keys 120 Bass 4 Voice Piano Accordion. All accordions come with a case, unless otherwise noted. I do not know what model this accordion. Recently fully serviced and ready to play. Availability: Ships within 2 business days. 00 Each is one of a kind and subject to prior sale. Scandalli B system MIDI accordion with expander. New & Used accordions for Sale. HOHNER BR96WH Bravo III Piano Accordion 96 Bass 37 Keys Pearl White W/ Bag. fisarmonica paolo soprani 120 bassi pigini convertor 55/p senior fisarmonica Oct 20, 2018 · I have a couple of accordions lined up to view next week- Im downsizing plus wanting to play more folk. Upholding tradition since 1926. No smell. Step 2. 05 New. You can count on a safe secure transaction with Cash For Accordions! 120 Bass Pigini Piano Accordion, Used Accordions For Sale in Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland for 1250. Baldoni Accordions has been in business for over 50 years in the U. 1947 appointment to view one of our quality new or used accordions. PIGINI MASSIMO III 96-BASS 77-TREBLE BUTTON SYSTEM C BLACK is in the cart. To fit a 34 key 72 bass Piano Accordion or 72 bass Button AccordionA Quality Thickly Padded Piano or. £7,495. See complete description. 708 Diatonic Accordions - Used (2) Amps and Cabs - Used. Used Power Flex Conveyor. Features the same functionality as more advanced models. What makes this accordion stand out among the others, is the deep, velvety, rich tones in which it is known for. If the bellows frame has already been cut off your old bellows, as would be the case if this bellows had been replaced by a new one, simply cut two pieces of 1/2 inch plywood to fit over each open end of the bellows and glue them on. £200. PRICES AND PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 00 Pigini has made this button accordion out of a piano accordion’s box, for those who cherish the sound of piano accordions but prefer the beneficial ergonomics of button instruments. Ireland Covid-19 precautions apply - mask and sanitiser. 4413 Hwy 190-E, Eunice, LA 70535. ie. See price. Borsini 3/5 reed. Folk Accordion (both hands) - Mengascini accordion perfect for folk music with 5 registers, iIncluding left hand basses Pigini - Piano-Accordion - Accordion Onlineshop: Expertise since 1977, TrustedShops certified, Safe Insured Shipping. Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion - Black. Call me to arrange to view. 88. Price: $14. Marrazza. 09. $200. Our main mission for more than 75 years is to build the best accordions. The Piano version of the Super Bayan Sirius has 45 keys/120 bass/58 free bass with convertor, Stradella/ chromatric C system free bass. Pigini is the largest accordion maker in Castelfidardo, making professional-caliber accordions ranging in price from $3,000 to $43,000. This model is also suitable for tall, slender musicians looking for an instrument that is most adapted to their body shape (less depth, more balance). Pigini P36MG Special Edition 3 voice 96 bass piano accordion —. Compare 30 million ads · Find Pigini Accordion faster !| https://www. FIND 1000's of Antiques, Art, Vintage & RARE Collectors' items offered for sale by antique centres, dealers and collectors. Add to Cart. Menghini Midget. Complements European and Latin folk music, rock, pop, and more. The United Accordion Factories of Settimio Soprani, Scandalli, and Frontalini companies became Farfisa (Fabbriche Riunite de Fisarmoniche). is now located in downtown North Canaan, Connecticut, USA. Each is one of a kind and subject to prior sale. If you can’t see what you want, then still …. Make an offer!; Description: Accordion - Pigini Super King. We also specialize in accordion repairs and offer a full selection of accordion parts and accessories. Sale Sold out. Vintage Marino Pigini Piano Accordian. Gabbanelli accordion for sale Used, a little dirty from sitting in the box with other old, unused stuff. . More details. Refurbished Accordions for sale. Welcome To Emilio Accordions. Used Paolo Soprani 120 bass professional model. Premium quality classic with exceptional tone. AS UNIQUE AS THE ARTISTS PLAY THEM Individually like a tailor-made suit, but always of high quality, your instrument is built by our master craftsmen. Sun City, AZ 85351 Phone: 623-374-6423 (Mountain Standard Time) With prices up to 60% off the cost of new, you can trust American Surplus for unparalleled quality and service at an industry leading price! Call (800) 876-3736 or request a quote online today to see the difference American Surplus can make for you AND your wallet! Shop Used Flex Conveyor. Accordions are built to last. Qty avail. Their sturdy construction is designed to make them reliable companions for decades of playing. 34 piano keys and 72 bass-side buttons. Arralde Accordion Co. Showing 1–16 of 34 results Morbidoni Midget Accordion $ 1,495. favorite this post All accordions sold online come with a one year guarantee unless otherwise specified. We buy your accordion. 4 reed sets right ( LMMM ) and 5 left. Cash For Accordions would like to pay you top dollar for your accordions. $1,900. Mar 03, 2021 · 🎹 Accordions for sale GET 10% DISCOUNT on your next accordion 🎹 . S. CHECKOUT NOW. Ellegaard Pigini Free bass or Convertor accordion 96 bass. used. Air Tight no leaks. savoycajunmusic@gmail. private stock guitar sale $2,500 Pigini Accordion $5,300 (Washington macomb county ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. FRONTALINI 120 bass Piano Accordion made in Italy. Non smoke free Home. Our dedication has always been the achievement of the total perfection in the aesthetics, in the reed clearness, in the careful selection of wood, in the accurate manufacturing of mechanics, in the perfect balance between lightness and acoustic richness, aiming not only, to produce an excellent instrument, but also to be Pre-Owned Piano Accordions | carnegie-accordion. It is a two voice, flat keyboard, 21 treble button, 8 bass accordion/melodeon with an added stop to remove the thirds from the Designed and assembled by a wide variety of yacht building companies, there are currently 7,024 cruiser yachts for sale on YachtWorld, with 773 new vessels for sale, and 6,251 used and custom yachts listed. Hohner Bravo III 72 Bass Piano Accordion Black. £150. 120 Bass Pigini Piano Accordion, Used Accordions For Sale in Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland for 1250. Bass Keys : 120 , Condition : New , Scandalli button accordion brand new (famous hand finished reeds) with 92 treble buttons and 120 bas. Sun City, AZ 85351 Phone: 623-374-6423 (Mountain Standard Time) Description. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart. Compare 30 million ads · Find Bugari Accordion faster ! Aug 8, 2015 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Marino Pigini Castelfidardo Professional Accordion VINTAGE ~120 BASS~41 KEY~RARE at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! The Ultimate Accordion Shop: New & Used Accordions of all types. A decent accordion is surprisingly affordable, with well-constructed and attractive instruments starting in the $300 - $500 price range. 00 Regular price. 00 Sale price 10 results for used accordions sale. —can get you a decent, playable accordion (piano or button) for $200 to $400. This accordion has a beautiful rich resonant sound and is hugely versatile - used by many professional performers worldwide and a flagship model for Pigini. FRANÇAIS Hohner accordion 350$ * - 34 notes, 80 basses, - 15 1/2" keyboard - 2 voices (musette) - freshly tuned at 440 - weighs 11 lbs - 2 months warranty - used case included if needed - can have brand new shoulder straps for a new total of 400$ - a few aesthetics flaws… 280 x 155 mm. Each accordion is hand crafted and designed with crystal patterns and color schemes to fit the artists taste and create stage presence. Pigini Massimo III 96-Bass 77-Treble Button System "C" Black Button Accordion. 00 euros on Adverts. Sep 07, 2021 · We’re available by phone or email during regular store hours: Tues-Fri from 1:00-6:00, and Saturdays from noon-5:00. This is a high quality used Pigini Sirius C System Button Accordion. Standard straps; gig bag included. Paolo Soprani Accordion. 1) ACCORDIONS ONLY SHIPPED IN THE LOWER 48 U. Hohner Camilo I LMM. C $3,285. In tune. $275. We really are the pros in sales, selection, and service. Gabbanelli accordion condition is for parts or repair. Diatonic Accordions - Used (2) Amps and Cabs - Used. It has a 120 bass, 4 voice stradella bass which converts to a 2 voice (8’+16’) 49 note free bass with a compass of E-E. We’re experts in New & Used Piano accordions. For the “serious musician,” the website sells a Black Hohner Amica IV series 96 bass accordion for $3095. $ 3 500. TOP DEAL. Piano Cassotto. Fill out the form below or simply call or text us at (503) 220-2000. All of the cases for used accordions are old, scratched, and have tears on the corners. Accordion Sales The Accordion Gallery is the only place where you can try the top of the line models of the most famous accordion manufacturers from the Golden Age and compare these legendary instruments to some of the best new accordions. $600. $975. The Pigini Mythos – $ 40,000. *** Shop Now Open*** N. Red Tag Sale New Arrival Best Accordions Direct is based in central Scotland and supplies new aspirational accordions and MIDI expansion to professional and student musicians. Model Baby 1, 4014. Most of the used accordions that we sell have had some type of repairs done before they go up for sale. My options are. The reed configuration is LMMH, 4 sets of reeds on the right Used (normal wear), Beautiful Castelfidaro Augusta accordion by Marino Pigini. com / 07910 280943. Pigini Sirius- 64key/120 Bass C-Griff Classical Accordion SOLD Price – £14,500 £12,000. Comes with case. There are no pictures available for this accordion. Add to Compare. Polka Country Musicians - Live and Jam II - 2 CDs. $3,880. 00 £1,550. BASS: 160 COUPLERS: 11 REED SETS: 5/5 REEDS: LMMMH COLOUR: Black NOTES: As new The Pigini Convertor Studio B2 freebass button accordion — Regular price £3,680 Pigini Peter Pan C system second hand convertor bass accordion — Regular price £1,800 Special Order Tel. These vessels are all listed by professional yacht brokers and boat dealerships and new boat dealers, mainly in the following countries Sep 16, 2021 · Accordion.